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Distance Learning Testing Centers (DLTC)

Faculty, please add this note into your syllabus concerning proctored exams off-site:

WKU DELO Testing Centers does not charge a fee; however, the WKU Remote Proctoring Network includes proctor locations who charge for the proctoring services as well as those who do not charge. Students are responsible for payment of any proctoring fees if they choose to use a proctor who charges a fee for this service. Students are also responsible for any additional fees that might be associated with the use of a particular proctoring site, such as parking fees.
Faculty Exam Request Form
Step 1: Exam Request Type
Step 2: Instructor Information
Step 3: Course Information
Step 4: Request Exams
Step 5: Important Info for Faculty Requesting Exams

What the exam request form and testing exception request form should be used for:

The Exam Request should be used for requesting exams for an entire class.

The Testing Exception Request should be used for individual students needing to take an exam outside of the original testing window, whether it is before or after the exam.

Exam Request Type
Course Information
Course Delivery Method
Click to view/hide note
Click to view/hide note
Instructor Information

Using the Exam Information Form:

The Exam Information Form is for adding information that we will need for your exam including important instructions, start dates and passwords to access the exam.

From this menu you can request multiple exams at the same time by selecting the green Additional Exam button and filling out additional exam information.
You can navigate between multiple exams by selecting the tabs labeled with the appropriate exam names. Unnecessary exams can be removed from this request by selecting the red x on the appropriate tab.
If you want to save an entered field value across all current exam information tabs, select the Save across all exams checkbox for that field.

+ Additional Exam
Unnamed Exam
Exam Information
Save across all exams
Resources Allowed
Additional Instructions

Please specify the following materials the student is allowed to utilize during an exam and whether or not it is to be returned.

Before submitting, be aware of the following information:

  1. If nothing is marked as 'Allowed/No Resources', the staff will not permit any of the items below to be used on the exam.
  2. If nothing is marked to be returned, the testing staff will collect everything except the student's calculator and textbook.
Item: Allowed: Additional Information: How should this item be returned?
scratch paper
Important Info for Faculty Requesting Exams
  • All students taking this exam must schedule their exam with the DELO Testing Center. Students taking exams at other proctored locations must inform the DELO Testing Center AND make a testing appointment with their chosen remote location.
  • Online Exams: Password for this exam must be given to the DELO Testing Center no later than 4 days prior to the first day the students may take the exam.
  • Paper/Pencil Exams: Paper exams for all students must be given to the DELO Testing Center no later than 10 business days prior to the first day the students may take the exam.
  • All exam request types except testing exceptions should be submitted no later than 4 days prior to the first day the students may take the exam.
  • Testing Exception requests must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the day you would like your students to test, this allows for time to process the request and have the student register for the exam.
  • Any request received before the term you are requesting an exam to be administered in will be processed the week before the term begins.
  • If giving a paper exam, we will deliver your exam to you once they have all arrived or you may request to pick them up instead.
  • All unused exams will be returned to the instructor unless other instructions are given.
  • If you have any issues or questions not covered by this form, please call the DELO Testing Coordinator at (270) 745-3628 or email tabatha.phillips@wku.edu.
  • Notice: After receiving a Faculty Exam Request form and inputting it into the reservation system, the DELO Testing Staff will send a "How to register" email to the students in the course via the Topnet Email Utility and send a copy of the email to the professor.
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